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Welcome to the TFF & RW Book Case NEWS Section!

As The Forgotten Fiction magazine grows, so do the reviews of books 60+ days old and small press editions. And right along with that review of the literary and bibliophile art are the increasing Rune Works Book Case projects: art to encompass and protect art.

I thought it only fair to begin a dialogue here, that will also be shared on our social media networks, and will hopefully engage you, the new fans of TFF, to express your thoughts and ideas as well.

There are a lot of books in the works to be reviewed!

There are plans in the works for many more classics, contemporary titles, and small and fine press editions to be examined on TFF in-depth.

I will list some of the likely prospects that are already on the radar below.

And as the literary arts spread, so to has the handmade wooden RW Book Cases and the plans and new projects in the fire are already growing vast for the forging.

I want to personally ask all of you who are tuning in to reach out in any way you like to express your thoughts on what is being done at TFF and what you would like to see done.

I implore you all, eager readers, to make your voices heard! It is infinitely more fun that way.

Since this is the inaugural TFF & RW Book Case NEWS post, I wanted to introduce myself very briefly.

My name is R.J. Huneke, I founded The Forgotten Fiction, and I have been a published author for decades now. My first job ass a reviewer case as a columnist for the New York tabloid Newsday where I did reviews of pop culture and of local bars; I also was a reviewer of books for The Examiner, ScfiNow, Fantasy Matters, and continue to write on and review robotics and gadgetry for Gadizmo. Most of my work has come in the form of short fiction, poetry, and non-fiction articles, though I have been a passionate novelist since I was 19 years old, and my first novel picked up by a publisher, Cyberwar, was released in 2015.

I have a bevy of contributors lining up to write reviews for TFF, and both myself and Peter Maisano will continue to regularly write as well.

Artists including Paul Michael Kane – photography (and whose 19th Edition works of art I often include in cases sent out) – and Jeff Terry – book unboxing extraordinaire – are active on TFF.

All contributors on TFF are talented and unique artists with their own channels for their works, and I encourage you to take a look at their fantastic works – you will not be disappointed.

Now to the fun stuff!

I may be all business – and grammatically anal in my reviews – but I aim to let my humor come out for a much more fun tone in my NEWS posts.

And so . . . to the BOOKS!

The joy of making this platform was that it is open to any book of fiction out 60 days or more. ANY!

The possibilities are endless.

I want the author – who typically gets little to no marketing after 60 days – to benefit, I want the reader who may have missed a classic or two to benefit, and I want the publishers to benefit, since they, too, are hurting in the US.

And to add on to that, I especially want the small press publishers to not just survive but to thrive!

You have kept and engaged so many readers over the years, and you have kept paper books relevant and special works of art for the storied art contained therein and it means the world to us readers.

So you know: first and foremost I am a reader.

I am a Constant Reader, loud and proud.

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And The Forgotten Fiction magazine will be hitting on:

  • Stardust By Neil Gaiman – Lyra’s Books Numbered Edition
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Numbered Edition by Amaranthine Books
  • Later By Stephen King – Numbered Edition By Hard Case Crime
  • A Scanner Darkly By Philip K. Dick – Suntup Editions Numbered and Artist Editions
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury – Suntup Editions Numbered and Artist Editions
  • More Books by Michael Crichton – requests are open, folks!
  • The End Of Eternity By Isaac Asimov (and pictures of a rare first edition)
  • The Time Machine By H.G. Wells – Suntup Edition’s Numbered
  • Killer Come Back To Me the unpublished Ray Bradbury book celebrating Bradbury’s 100th birthday by Hard Case Crime

And so many more books will be reviewed and mixed in with the above, all which will come out in no particular order.

Embrace the chaos of reading!

If that was not exciting enough for me, I love talking and writing about books, there has been a bevy of new woodworking projects I have undertaken.

Most are Rune Works Rare Book Cases, and some are offshoots.

One such offshoot is a one-time wooden and engraved sign for Stephen King’s The Stand to accompany the book case being built and many of the Eager Readers of The Forgotten Fiction will have an opportunity to get one, since it is not a case, I will make more than the 19 limited that I keep to for cases (I am thinking 100 right now).

It will be awesome! Sneak-peak coming today or tomorrow right before the new mini-series airs!

Back to the cases. I am currently working on the following:

  • The Gunslinger cases
  • The Lord Of The Rings ACE First Edition case
  • “Gunslinger” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction cases
  • A I of I creation customized for an issue of Astounding Fiction from 1953
  • Startling Mystery 1967 and 1969 Case
  • The Stand case – one for UK and one for US 1st printings
  • Fight Club case
  • Revival Us First Edition for signed copies
  • End Of Watch Us First Edition for signed copies
  • If It Bleeds Us First Edition for signed copies
  • The End Of Eternity case
  • “The Four Bachman Books” cases
  • And even a non-book case for a rare Star Wars Lego piece!

As you can see things are heating up at the forge, and I thank you all for your time, your enthusiasm, your love of great works of fiction, and your pushing me to show this art to the world.

Stay tuned to the TFF & RW Book Case NEWS section here.

If you have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions please reach out to me personally:



R.J. Huneke


P.S. There will be some giveaways and contests coming for email subscribers and RW Book Case enthusiasts, so stay tuned!

Welcome to the TFF & RW Book Case NEWS Section

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