Final Quarter Announcement Schedule For The Forgotten Fiction

Final Quarter Announcement Schedule For The Forgotten Fiction

Final Quarter Announcement Schedule For The Forgotten Fiction: here it is folks, news, news, and all the fun coming to TFF to close out the year with a BANG!

For those of you wondering, there are many new writers coming on for guest posts, including authors like Tom Deady, and more book reviews are coming.

Everything got hung up again in the last two months with not one, but two Covid scares for my toddler.

She did not get it, but it wreaked havoc for quite a while and her daycare was shut down for two weeks, twice, and we were quarantined, limiting my own working hours to her sleeping hours, and that affected both the volume of reviews and the output of the Rune Works Wood Shop.

All of that has now passed: a bevy of projects are being polished up and packed and mailed!

I am so happy to be working a lot again, though I did enjoy having a lot more time with my daughter – the kid is amazing.

Housekeeping out of the way, prepare yourselves for many new incredible books that will be in Preview Reviews, like Boys In The Valley by Philip Fracassi – this is Earthling Publications Halloween Book Of The Year – and Josh Malerman’s Ghoul N’ the Cape, and then so many contemporary and classic book reviews too.

Gwendy’s Button Box S/L will likely by my first SST Publications review, though Bird Box may leapfrog it.

My many editions of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, from a signed first edition to Suntup’s marvelous numbered edition will be reviewed along with the story, my second favorite of all time.

Asimov will get his own page for The End Of Eternity, the S/L from of Robots of Dawn from Phantasia Press, and of course, Foundation and more robot tales.

Philip K. Dick will also be here with a page constantly adding reviews starting with the new Centipede Press boxed set and a gorgeous limited of The Cosmic Puppets, as well as many, many more novels from all eras.

Five Decembers by James Kestrel from Hard Case Crime is going to be grand, as well as more Crichton, some Lawrence Block, and Bullet Train by Kotaro Isaka, and of course Cline’s Ready Player One and Ready Player Two (I have a surprise to show you for these)!

There are so many more in the works, as well, and to get a feel for what you the Eager Readers want, I am devising a poll to be sent out to all on our email list.

The TFF-inspired fiction-based Rune Works Wood Shop is revealing some new products that clients have ordered.

There are new crazy designs for book traycases, coffee table display cases for LEGO builds, custom limited edition bookends and even Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40K Partitions and Player Dungeons Boxes, complete with a Dice Vault and Storage Tray and a compartment for a pencil, pad or tablet.

So many great things are coming!

TFF will be showing off its first comic book cases at the Rune Works booth at New York Comic Con in October too!

More news on that and the END OF THE YEAR CRAZY giveaway contest is going to be leaked soon . . . stay tuned!

Final Quarter Announcement Schedule:

  • Tuesday Sept. 28 the next contest and prizes are announced
    • Tuesday Oct. 5 @ 1pm EST is the LIVESTREAM event and giveaway!


  • Tuesday Oct. 26 the next contest and prizes are announced
    • Tuesday Nov. 2 @ 1pm EST is the LIVESTREAM event and giveaway!


  • Tuesday Nov. 30 the next contest and prizes are announced
    • Tuesday Dec. 7 @ 1pm EST is the LIVESTREAM event and giveaway!


CRAZY End of year LIVEstream will be on Dec 28, 2021! There will be books for international fans, there will be at least one custom Rune Works book case being given away and a TON of other surprises! Stay tuned for more info on this!


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Dark Across The Bay By Ania Ahlborn Coming From Earthling

Dark Across The Bay By Ania Ahlborn Coming From Earthling

Dark Across The Bay By Ania Ahlborn Coming From Earthling Publications in a S/L edition befitting the thrilling new novel.

The Following TFF Preview Review Will Only Contain **Mild Spoilers** To The Initial Plot Of The Book’s Opening.

Dark Across The Bay, Ania Ahlborn, Earthling publications, fine press, horror, suspense

Best-selling author Ania Ahlborn takes a fractured family to a secluded vacation home where unnerving and horrific hauntings rattle the reader and the Parrishs alike, and then the stalking begins to slowly unravel everyone’s nerves.

Dark Across The Bay bleeds mysterious hints at insidiousness growing rampant, from the creepy island rental besieging the vulnerable family to the stalkers intruding on them.

Before a marriage can formally dissolve, or Lark and Leo can attempt to move on, everyone is brought to the beach house Airbnb off the coast of Raven’s Head, Maine, 1000 miles from their family home, for a weekend retreat.

The island has only the one house and only one way on or off its shores: by boat.

The expansive residence contains wonderful window views out onto foggy waters, but it seems to be off somehow.

It makes for a great setting, as everything from the building itself to its innards seem creepily askew.

It holds myriad secrets that are tucked away, like the odd nooks and hallways full of unsettling amounts of fishing paraphernalia and hidden corner cubbies full of shabby books.

And ‘Mom’ wants ‘family time’ to be devoid of cell phones in the house, and so the modern interconnectivity of the world and its people easily communicating is stoppered bringing further isolation at times. When the phones come to back to life it is alarming.

The characters are each well met in the story, and the relatable, familiar family interactions spark lots of memories of growing up.

You may not like each member of the Parrishs, but they are certainly all intriguing, from the nearly divorced parents almost certain of their fate, to their two children, who are young adults struggling through recent trauma.

Lark is a novice novelist, battling through a bad break-up, and her brother, Leo, is distanced from her (and everyone), as he aims to leave the grief of his best friend’s death behind with an escape to the shores of Thailand.

Ania Ahlborn brilliantly keeps the characters off balance, as well as the reader.

The seemingly discernable arcs of each of the characters become further and further confused as their sense of calm and, at times, outright sense of terror is ratcheted up in stark, unexpected ways.

Who would torment the family of four? Is it personal, and if so, why travel 1000 miles to dole out such cruel punishment? Are there any supernatural elements at play?

The prose is wonderfully written, painting clear, boisterous scenes with visceral jolts to the heart.

Suspense and old fashioned, yet modernized, and innovative mystery meets elements of horror in this fantastic phantasm of a tale.

Dark Across The Bay by Ania Ahlborn is an amazing work from one of speculative fiction’s brightest minds.

Dark Across The Bay, Ania Ahlborn, Earthling publications, fine press, horror, suspense

Her use of world building and literary prowess makes for one hell of a story, and Dark Across The Bay debuts on a fine press publisher with Signed and Limited editions from Earthling Publications.

There are 500 numbered, Smyth sewn, offset printed copies, signed by Ania Ahlborn and Josh Malerman, as well as 15 lettered, offset printed, tray-cased hardcovers, with both the book and the tray-case being hand-made using the finest materials, and signed by all contributors.

The gorgeous cover art and interior art is brought to us by renowned illustrator Vincent Chong, and the book contains an introduction from the author as well as best seller Josh Malerman (author of Bird Box and Goblin).

They still have copies available! Take a look here!

If you are not familiar with Earthling, they have made some of the finest hand-crafted editions of books, each with their own unique feel.

An all-time grail for this reviewer is Earthling’s lettered edition of The Hellbound Heart: 20th Anniversary Edition (2007) novella by Clive Barker, and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the design of Dark Across The Bay by Ania Ahlborn.

hellbound heart, clive barker, lettered, earthling

We already know the cover art from Vincent Chong is outstanding.

We will conduct a more in-depth review after the book is released, going further into the novel and into the book edition.

But for now this has to be one of the most eagerly awaited suspense and horror books coming this year, and our rating is:

The Forgotten Fiction Grade: YEA (read it! buy it here)

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“Dark Across The Bay By Ania Ahlborn Coming From Earthling” was written by R.J. Huneke