Upcoming Reviews Like CD’s Night Shift & RW Book Case NEWS

Upcoming Reviews Like CD’s Night Shift & RW Book Case NEWS

Upcoming Reviews Like CD’s Night Shift & RW Book Case NEWS is building up to a storm of great things happening all at once over at The Forgotten Fiction.

First-off, the growth of the Eager Readers community that is now engaging actively on TFF’s website, Facebook, and Twitter pages has been so much fun to see and be a part of and is truly encouraging and inspiring.

Here’s to you, folks! Cheers!

I still want more though, so let me know what you think of the reviews and creations from the TFF lab.

Let me know what are your most anticipated books you would like to see reviewed: you can email read [at] thefogottenfiction.com.

night shift, cd, stephen king, artist gift edition

Next up, I think, will be the gorgeous Limited Edition from fine press publisher Cemetery Dance’s “Doubleday Years” the Artist Gift Edition of NIGHT SHIFT By Stephen King.

Stephen King’s Night Shift By Cemetery Dance Is A Stunner!

There is a long list of upcoming title to review and myself and all of the writers on board are extremely pleased and busy, as we keep expanding on our in-depth looks at works of fiction.

Upcoming titles up for review by TFF:

  • The Lord Of The Rings First Single Issue Deluxe Edition 1969 – George, Allen & Unwin
  • Stardust By Neil Gaiman – Lyra’s Books Numbered Edition
  • Alice By Lewis Carroll – Numbered Edition by Amaranthine Books
  • Later By Stephen King – Numbered Edition By Hard Case Crime
  • A Scanner Darkly By Philip K. Dick – Suntup Editions Numbered and Artist Editions
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury – Suntup Editions Numbered and Artist Editions
  • More Books by Michael Crichton – requests are open, folks!
  • The End Of Eternity By Isaac Asimov (and pictures of a rare first edition)
  • The Time Machine By H.G. Wells – Suntup Edition’s Numbered
  • Killer Come Back To Me the unpublished Ray Bradbury book celebrating Bradbury’s 100th birthday by Hard Case Crime

Please let us know in emails, or on the social networks what title you really want us to review; there are so many great works to be examined and so many fine editions to be held in hand and perused.

the stand, the dark man, randall flagg, walter, stephen king, the dark tower

The Forgotten Fiction magazine is a part of Rune Works Productions and a new RW Rare Book Case is being shown here for the first time!

The Lord Of The Rings ACE Edition Rare Book Case

Ace published the first Paperback Editions of LOTR and in so doing created a ton of buzz – good and bad – that led to the historic American first pb edition of LOTR, which was unauthorized, becoming enormously popular in a short time.

Because the Ace paperbacks were affordable and being talked about all over the world, it propelled the successful book by Professor J.R.R. Tolkien to astronomical heights, making the book immensely popular in a short time.

Ace published in America because of a copyright loophole that Tolkien’s publisher’s fought vehemently and publicly.

What was also messed up is that the Professor was not initially paid royalties for sales and it was not until later that they would pay Tolkien his royalties, after which he even admitted to preferring the ‘bootleg’ edition’s artwork better because, unlike the first official paperback edition of The Lord of the Rings, Ace’s actually had artwork that was reflective of the story.

traycase, Custom Book Case, custom slipcase, hand-made, Dolso, lord of the rings, lord of the rings ace, tolkien

And so loving the books, and wanting to preserve this history I made myself a case by hand using woodworking and archival practices to ensure the historic volumes are displayed safely and in style!

It takes many weeks for a case to fully cure safely and so this project has been a long and arduous one that is finally come to fruition.

traycase, Custom Book Case, custom slipcase, hand-made, Dolso, lord of the rings, lord of the rings ace, tolkien

Fret not, though, there are a few more that some Eager Readers have requested that are going to be introduced over the next weeks.

The next up on the anvil for Rune Works Rare Book Cases include:

  • The Stand case – one for UK and one for US 1st printings – BIG news coming later this week on this!
  • “Gunslinger” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction case
  • A I of I creation customized for an issue of Astounding Fiction from 1953
  • Startling Mystery 1967 and 1969 Case
  • Fight Club case, with a strip of cartoon film?
  • A Scanner Darkly case for the first edition of Philip K. Dick’s classic
  • Revival Us First Edition for signed copies
  • End Of Watch Us First Edition for signed copies
  • If It Bleeds Us First Edition for signed copies
  • The End Of Eternity Isaac Asimov case
  • And even a non-book case for a rare Star Wars Lego piece!

Check out the post on the Facebook page here for news on upcoming contests (we have to do one close to once a month at least, right?!).

Here is a picture from John of his winning price in the first ever TFF contest the Slinger limited edition sign-pen holder is featured with his copy of the book!

traycase, Custom Book Case, custom slipcase, hand-made, Dolso, stephen king, suntup, clamshell book case, archival safe, the gunslinger, the dark tower, rune works rare book cases

I include one pen holder for anyone I give a case to, and I am extending the pen holder limitation to XX out of XCIX, making numbers up to 99 for sale ($25-ish if someone wants one).

As always, if you have any ideas, wants, or thoughts, please send them my way in the TFF Eager Readers’ community here: https://www.facebook.com/theforgottenfiction/

See more pictures from production on the TFF Case page here: https://theforgottenfiction.com/rune-works-rare-book-cases-custom-book-case