Drive For 500 Followers + Q1 Announcement Schedule

Drive For 500 Followers + Q1 Announcement Schedule

Drive for 500 Followers + Q1 Announcement Schedule for TFF and Rune Works found at:,,

Q1 2022, Quarter One, is here!

Hello everyone! Eager Readers, the TFF Fellowship, and lovers of reading and fiction in general, I am forever grateful to have you here, and I want to put down as much of the fun for the upcoming quarter and year as possible.

Drive For 500:

I am jumping to the next contest, and with nearly 900 Twitter followers and so very close to 500 Facebook followers, and I asking each and every one of you to reach out and invite anyone you know who loves reading or would want a good introduction to reading fiction, with spoilers or spoiler-free.

I think TFF is a great place to start to revolutionize the love of reading and collecting books.

And so, when we reach 500 Facebook followers I will start up the next EPIC contest!

The Epic Giveaway Contest will consist of many treasured editions, including Signed and Limited (S/L), small press, and even what I suspect is a first print, first edition of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods Annotated – it is a gargantuan book sealed!

There are a ton of mainstream authors here with both paperbacks and first edition hardcovers, classics and contemporary, so no matter what you want to read and/or collect I hope to have you covered.

There will also be new swag from others and from me! More on this below.

I have been blessed 1. To have a nose for finding good books, 2. To have family members hunting books down for me and 3. to have a few great friends in the book community who have been so generous to donate many a precious book.

Much as I do not enjoy the mailing process, I greatly enjoy speaking with and sending out prizes to those that win them.

I will wait to achieve 500 followers in FB to start up the Epic Contest and post its prizes in detail, but I am sure the Rune Works woodshop will be involved with some woodworking and gift certificates for those on the livestream.

Regardless of whether or not we get 500 followers by then, I will still have some kind of contest and giveaway in my first TFF livestream of the year on Thursday, January 27th, 2022 at 12pm ET.

But I would like it to be EPIC. 20 or 30 followers more and TFF reaches a major milestone.

Now I have live conversations and interviews that will be taking place in Q1.

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This week, I have the privilege to interview bestselling author Richard Chizmar on Facebook Live January 19th, 2022 At 7:30pm ET @TFF’s

His two newest books include his NY Times Bestselling Chasing the Boogeyman, and Gwendy’s Final Task co-authored with Stephen King.

I chatted on The Jeff Word show with Jeff Terry on his Facebook Livestream last week, and that was a blast!

Jeff is a voracious reader, reviewer, book unboxer, and I encourage anyone that wants to hear us talking about our favorite books, life and books we do not care for, haha, to tune in to see the video here.

I highly recommend Jeff’s Youtube channel as well.

I have also queued up but am waiting to solidify a date with renowned artist Mark Molnar, whose work most recently adorns one of the finest fine editions ever made in Centipede Press’ DUNE by Frank Herbert.

He was very kind to license to me an unused piece for the book (with Jerad and CP’s approval) for the Rune Works Woodshop to create a Dune case (coming in Q2 2022) for the book with the art engraved.

Check out Mark’s art for Dune and on his site here!

I am catching up on all remaining cases, in the order they came in over the next few weeks.

I have projects I have had in the hopper for years now coming close too!

A friend of mine is building me a webstore for TFF merch and swag that may be ready this week.

Drive For 500 aside, there will be many a giveaway contest in Q1 and a ton of interesting projects announced. Stay tuned!

Upcoming reviews include: Gwendy’s Magic Feather, Dune, Gwendy’s Final Task, Ghoul and the Cape, The Clearing and many more!

The Q1 Announcement Schedule for 2022:


  •     Thursday Jan. 27th is a Livestream @ 12pm ET: the next contest and prizes are announced.
    •         Thursday Feb. 4th is a Livestream @ 12pm ET and the LIVESTREAM event and giveaway!
  •     Thursday Feb. 24th is a Livestream @ 12pm ET: the next contest and prizes are announced.
    •         Thursday March 3rd is a Livestream @ 12pm ET and the LIVESTREAM event and giveaway!
  •     Thursday March 24th is a Livestream @ 12pm ET: the next contest and prizes are announced.
    •         Thursday April 7th is a Livestream @ 12pm ET and the LIVESTREAM event and giveaway!


     Be well,





Chasing the Boogeyman: Richard Chizmar Births A New Genre

Chasing the Boogeyman: Richard Chizmar Births A New Genre

Chasing the Boogeyman: Richard Chizmar births a new genre, and though many great authors have and continue to work off of and dwell in the horror-crime-thriller realm, this novel is wonderfully different.

Rumor has it that the Richard’s small town serial killer may be something other than human.

But that just adds to the menace, and the reality is such that this tale is presented as true crime dialed up with the thrilling and macabre level of fantastic horror works.

And, as the story goes, the author, Richard, was there to witness it, and it is much more visceral and frightful, as you feel the terror that the character of Richard Chizmar feels in the chase for the Boogeyman.

I hate genres and labels, especially with regards to writing, as some of the great writers frequently publish speculative fiction that delves into so many other lanes (for example: Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, or Stephen King’s Duma Key).

But what is innovative and fascinating about Chizmar’s Chasing the Boogeyman is that the author himself is at the center of the seemingly-real summer of carnage and his horror is his story, and the reader gets a “first-hand” account.

The following Preview Book Review of Chasing the Boogeyman is Spoiler Free** and only speaks to the overall premise of the book and its opening.

Richard returns home from college and starts to chronicle the mayhem that envelops the small Maryland town as he stays at his parent’s house.

The Boogeyman looms as jet and creepy as any ghost or monster and that dark presence weighs heavily over Richard’s encounters, marking him and his fears for much of his future life.

This convergence of spine-electrifying-suspense with the true crime tale – from the dead-pan cops and intervening FBI, to the tormented small town – makes for something fresh and unique in Chasing the Boogeyman.

Where you can see echoes of Thomas Harris’ journalism days make fine ripples in his fiction, so too can you see Richard Chizmar’s horror writing make stomach-twisting waves in Chasing the Boogeyman.

Go chase him!

Chasing the Boogeyman, richard chizmar, stephen king, gwendy's final task, horror, true crime, thomas harris

The Forgotten Fiction Grade: YEA (read it!)

Want To Buy A Book From A Local bookseller? Click Away!


“Chasing the Boogeyman: Richard Chizmar Births A Hybrid Genre” was written by R.J. Huneke.


About the Author Of Chasing the Boogeyman

Richard Chizmar is the coauthor (with Stephen King) of the New York Times bestselling novella, Gwendy’s Button Box. Recent books include The Girl on the Porch; The Long Way Home, his fourth short story collection; and Widow’s Point, a chilling tale about a haunted lighthouse written with his son, Billy Chizmar, which was recently made into a feature film. His short fiction has appeared in dozens of publications, including Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and The Year’s 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories. He has won two World Fantasy awards, four International Horror Guild awards, and the HWA’s Board of Trustee’s award. Chizmar’s work has been translated into more than fifteen languages throughout the world, and he has appeared at numerous conferences as a writing instructor, guest speaker, panelist, and guest of honor. Follow him on Twitter @RichardChizmar or visit his website at: