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Orlo’s Trouble: a new heartwarming children’s holiday tale by Gertrude Stonesifer and Dr. Amy Broemmel and illustrated by Jim Diehr truly crafts a remarkable Christmas story.

This old but cheery Orlo is one of Santa’s elves and has a story of his own to tell.

What I love most about this children’s book is that it is not only very appealing to an age three to eight audience, but it has a great moral that applies to all of the parents, grandparents, great grandpas and great grandmas, and omas and opas and pop pops.

Anyone and everyone, no matter their age, has something to contribute, especially to the special Christmas holiday and season.

For Orlo feels like he is now too old to contribute in Santa’s workshop.

He has difficulty making toys now.

But lo and behold! He can spin a yarn from his youth and tell of the olden times, when he was very young and spent time amongst the funny and red-cheeked trolls of Norway.

“Not everything you’ve heard about trolls is true,” says Orlo, and seeing them in Christmas sweaters shows it to be very true.

Orlo’s Trouble, christmas, children's book

This artwork is very warm and brilliantly colorful, with a style all its own.

Orlo’s Trouble really becomes Orlo’s new way to help and inspire the workshop way up at the snowy North Pole.

The oldest of Santa’s elves has a tale of mystery for his fellow elves, where he finds out that it is not what he cannot do that matters, but what he can do to help Santa’s workshop and Christmas.


Here are the book vitals:


TITLE:  Orlo’s Trouble

AUTHOR:  Gertrude Stonesifer and Dr. Amy Broemmel

ARTIST: Jim Diehr

DEMOGRAPHIC: Children’s Book, Ages 4-9+

GENRE: Children’s

PUBLISHER:  EBL Books, an imprint of Lantia

ISBN:  9781524316594

DATE OF PUBLICATION:  December 14, 2021

PAGES:  54

FORMATS:  Softcover, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kindle


The Forgotten Fiction Grade: YEA (read it!)

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“Orlo’s Trouble: a new heartwarming children’s holiday tale” was written by R.J. Huneke.



Orlo’s Trouble: A New Heartwarming Children’s Holiday Tale

by R.J. Huneke time to read: 1 min