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Earthling Halloween: Boys in the Valley by Philip Fracassi is the fine press pick for the holiday this year, as a horrific The Exorcist meets Lord of The Flies story occurs at the St. Vincent’s Orphanage for Boys in rural Pennsylvania.

There is a fun unnerving other worldliness to the historical setting for this circa 1900 horror tale.

And the prose by author Philip Fracassi is tight, vivid, and compelling.

On All Hallow’s Eve TFF covers the riveting Earthling Publications ARC read leading up to the spooky season with the following Spoiler-free Preview Review** of Boys in the Valley by Philip Fracassi.

Boys in the Valley, Halloween, Earthling Publications, Philip Fracassi

The main character Peter Barlow was orphaned by murder and the terrible trauma led him on the path to become a priest.

One night the 30 boys and their sacred caregivers are beset by a group of men bearing a maimed man full of occult symbols carved into his flesh.

The storm foreshadows the evil that his death will unleash on the remote orphanage.

If you are a fan of The Exorcist or Lord of The Flies then Boys in the Valley by Philip Fracassi will likely give you delightful shivers and more than a few nightmares.

There are still a few signed and limited edition books available exclusively at Earthling here, from a lettered edition of 15 copies hand made using the finest materials signed by all contributors, including artist Glenn Chadbourne and Andy Davidson, to the numbered edition of 500 copies signed by the author of the book and the introduction.

Philip Fracassi’s tales of suspense and dark fiction have long been hailed as triumphs, but this his debut novel is his most ambitious achievement to date.

Boys in the Valley, Halloween, Earthling Publications, Philip Fracassi

Do not just take my word for it.

From Earthling Publication’s website:

Praise for BOYS IN THE VALLEY and the works of Philip Fracassi:

“BOYS IN THE VALLEY is a beautiful novel that should be — will likely be — remembered as one of the best of the young decade. A harrowing and unforgettable debut novel.”
—Cemetery Dance

“With rich, multilayered characters and a setting as hopeless as it is dreary, Fracassi has masterfully orchestrated a tale that is both harrowing and profound.”
—Patrick Delaney

“While I was riveted to the pages, I didn’t realize how invested I was until I could breathe again after I turned that final page.”
Where the Reader Grows

“Paul Miller has added another haunting addition to his much-beloved Halloween Series. Fracassi has written an odyssey through possession and madness that is tough to read. This is my first meeting with Fracassi and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”
The Baryon Review

“A gothic, gory Lord of the Flies tale. The horror here is as much as warning on the dangers of human corruption as a testament to hope in the face of nigh-insurmountable darkness. Horror readers will be hooked.”
Publishers Weekly

“I sped through this gripping and excellently paced novel over three evenings as events quickly spiraled from bad to worse. I suggest you move fast as the 500 hardbacks being released by Earthling are dwindling, and I imagine will all be snagged via pre-orders.”
Ginger Nuts of Horror

Boys in the Valley is gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, and terrifying.”
—Andy Davidson

“A superior storyteller.”
This Is Horror

“The next big horror writer to blow your mind.”
Lit Reactor

“Especially skillful at creating and sustaining suspense.”
The New York Times

The Forgotten Fiction Grade: YEA (read it!)

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Boys in the Valley, Halloween, Earthling Publications, Philip Fracassi

“Earthling Halloween: Boys in the Valley by Philip Fracassi” was written by R.J. Huneke.




Earthling Halloween: Boys in the Valley by Philip Fracassi

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