Upcoming Suntup S/L’s: The Silence Of The Lambs & The Wolfen

Upcoming Suntup S/L’s: The Silence Of The Lambs & The Wolfen

Suntup’s upcoming S/L: The Silence Of The Lambs & The Wolfen, signed by Thomas Harris and Whitley Strieber, respectively, highlight genre-defining literary moments with moving art and a design tone that make each of the books’ three editions stand apart.

This is a Spoiler-free Preview of the latest author-signed titles from Suntup Editions.

We will wait to review the stories and the facets of the different limited states, in detail, until after the Suntup editions of the novels come out, but it is worth looking at the exciting flair and literary soul that these two gems offer up in their overall design aesthetic and their stirring illustrations.

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Because the ARCs of these two beauties are out in the wild, we can briefly review the sneak peak pb’s, if you will.

We are privileged to bring an inside look into the ARC for the Thomas Harris masterpiece The Silence Of The Lambs.

The story ends after 365 pages in this heavy and gorgeously crafted paperback.

As a thank you, Suntup Editions gave their loyal readers, they offered this Gift SOTL ARC, with the reader’s name in it, for free to all who had placed a number of orders over the year; it is truly remarkable.

suntup, suntup editions, silence of the lambs, hannibal, the wolfen

This cover of The Silence Of The Lambs Gift ARC features the Artist Edition slipcase artwork, a stunning representation of the death’s head moth on a gray backdrop.

What never ceases to amaze is that Suntup ARCs are made of a better quality than many a trade paperback sold for retail.

The bright white paper is quality, as is the layout, and of course, the incredible illustrations by Tom Bagshaw.

Each of the three states of the book will have their own motif that captures the spirit of the writing and also works off of the editions of The Red Dragon By Thomas Harris that Suntup made previously.

This is no easy feat and finding a truly innovative, thought-provoking, and moving artist for each work is equally marvelous.

The art that Tom Bagshaw has done for this book is truly special.

The greatness of the story warrants art of this caliber and each piece delivers.

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Here is a Preview of The Wolfen signed by author Whitley Strieber and the accompanying art portfolio.

I know little of the story, but a New York City-bound detective thrill ride after a new species of werewolf is the type of noir-horror genre-bender that captures my attention.

And I have no doubt, as with all other Paul Suntup selections, that this book will be quite enjoyable on the fiction front.

We will review it with a Yea or Nay after it is out.

What I am very familiar with is the artist François Vaillancourt’s great work on many novels.

François Vaillancourt, suntup, suntup editions, silence of the lambs, hannibal, the wolfen

Take a look at the illustrations François has created for this incredible book!

There are no words.

The snarling wolves! The snow-spatter! The Brooklyn Bridge? The detailed buildings and backgrounds and shadows!

And accompanying them even the slipcase and traycase and wooden case for each edition is as gritty as the pieces for the book!

suntup, suntup editions, silence of the lambs, hannibal, the wolfen

These Suntup Editions of The Wolfen are going to be deep-rooted horror, thrilling, and impactful.

And with the bevy of astonishing artwork there is an accompanying Art Portfolio available, limited to 300.

The Art Portfolio and the Artist Edition of The Wolfen are still available at Suntup’s site here!

Suntup’s art prints are among the best there are, and TFF will review the Portfolio along with the editions when they come out, as the fiction is given an extra amount of livelihood with this kind of brilliant art and design.

My biggest critique of these books – and it is a big one – is that I have to wait to get the limited editions now; but that is not the publisher’s fault.

So buckle up, hone your favorite fava beans recipes and replace your claw-marked clothes, because the two newest author-signed editions from Suntup promise to set the bar ever higher, and they will hit us all too soon in the coming months.


P.S. I want to personally thank Paul Suntup for such a generous and beautiful gift in the ARC of SOTL. It means a lot.


“Suntup’s Upcoming S/L: The Silence Of The Lambs & The Wolfen” was written by R.J. Huneke; Illustrations for The Wolfen © by François Vaillancourt and for Silence of the Lambs ©Tom Bagshaw and Photography of The Wolfen by Yegor Malinovskii for Suntup Editions.