Short Fiction Serialized Chapbooks By R.J. Huneke Are Here

Short Fiction Serialized Chapbooks By R.J. Huneke Are Here

Short Fiction Serialized Chapbooks By R.J. Huneke Are Here, and they look gooooood, Fictioneers!

If you are a fan of fiction, TFF is a magazine dedicated to celebrating the art, and subscribers to our Patreon get some insane exclusives, including a new work by author R.J. Huneke, which will at the least become a future novella.

I have serialized my story so that the first three chapters are offered up – my rough draft, though edited and polished a bit, is written longhand and then transcribed.

These are all signed and numbered limited edition chapbooks.

Only the TFF Patreons and a few family members are getting these extremely limited chapbooks featuring a thrilling work of dark fantasy for all ages as I write it.

When it’s all done, perhaps it will make up a new novel to be sent off to a publisher. Maybe I will keep it on its MI6 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY designation, or Top Secret as Americans like to say.

Either way, I have a professional Epson printer that I have used to make professional archival safe lithographs, and I just found a bunch of really nice heavyweight paper with which I am printing these oversized chapbooks, so that readers have a really nice reading experience in the hand, the way many old books used to be made hundreds of years ago.

No, it is not letterpress.

Believe me, I would love that, but the difficulty in designing, laying out, and figuring out a good offset printing process is more than enough for me to handle for now.

In the future, when I have used all of my existing paper I may outsource this.

But for now, you have a piece of art I created every aspect of, except the cover art which is a gorgeous work that I found from an anonymous artist at Prettysleepy Art, and it fit the story too well to not use.

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I started the TFF Patreon to ensure that I can NOT use Amazon or Google ads and instead I rely solely on affiliate monies (may never happen, but I put links up) and the Patreon.

Doing this allows me to pay other writers to write book reviews for The Forgotten Fiction, and to get supplies for things related to the work at the zine – like the archival paper stock I have used in the chapbooks here.

I hope you all love the story I am writing – if you are a fan of SFF fiction then you are in for a treat!